Meet My MINI

MINIGiepay – Fife, Washington

Meet MINIGiepay – a 2017 MINI Cooper 2 Door Hardtop, that lives in Fife, Washington, with Gigie Macapinlac Gonzales. The MINIs name came from Gigie’s name, and her husband’s nickname “Pay” (which is pronounced as Pie.)

The story of Gigie’s MINI is quite interesting in that it was supposed to be her Husband’s MINI, since he had been bugging her to buy one. Gigie didn’t want a MINI since she was used to driving SUV’s, and she thought that small cars were not for her, since she is self-proclaimed as “short as heck!”

She agreed to go with her Husband, to test drive a MINI, and she told him that if he really liked it, then they could buy one (the choice was between a MINI or Mitsubishi Mirage.)

Gigie did test drive the MINI at the dealership, and thought that it was “okay,” but since her Husband really liked it, they went ahead and bought the MINI.

After they got the MINI home, Gigie asked her Husband if she could drive the MINI to work one day, since her daily drive was 100 miles, and she wanted to see if the MINI was gas efficient. After driving it to work that first day, Gigie fell in love with the MINI and told her Husband that she was keeping it for herself! But then, she felt bad, so they bought another MINI for him.

Both their MINIs are now wrapped (Gigie’s in Purple, and her Husband’s in Apple Green.) When Gigie bought her MINI she said it was “Pepper White and plain,” but she’s been modifying her MINI ever since, and now she thinks it is “Purple and Gorgeous.”

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