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MINI Countryman Steampunk Edition

After I bought my MINI Countryman last year, I was surfing the web, looking for color and vinyl wrap design ideas. That’s when I came across photos of this Steampunk Edition of a MINI Cooper Countryman, created by Carlex Design.

OH MY GOD! I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life! As I looked at the photos, trying to imagine myself owning something this cool, I realized that this was not a car that someone would drive every day. This was a showpiece and something meant to be kept in a garage Museum, and admired.

Read how this MINI Countryman Steampunk Edition was created, below the Photo Gallery.

The following info, about this Steampunk MINI Countryman, comes from the Carlex Design website.

Steampunk Style • Original Copper Accessories • Wooden Elements

The car can be thought of as a functional object for moving from place to place, but some people need to add an additional artistic dimension to the universal functionality of the vehicle, which would stimulate the imagination. A metaphorical journey through time – this image accompanied all those who worked on the modification of the Mini Countryman. Steampunk is also showing the superiority of mechanics over electronics, which is why in many places of the vehicle, e.g., on the steering wheel, seats and armrest there are mechanisms, gears and clocks that evoke the Herbert George Wells time machine.

To create a magical and alchemical atmosphere, Carlex Design designers, jewelers and stylists worked meticulously on the interior of the car for several months. Almost every element of the vehicle has been finished with copper or brass or painted copper in order to best reflect the mechanical, crude, steampunk atmosphere.

The upholstered interior elements are a combination of two leather colors in shades of brown. They feature thick, hand-made stitching. The alchemical atmosphere is also due to the wood lining the car floor, the back of the sofas and the armrest. An audio system is installed in the trunk, the visible part of the wiring is integrated into copper piping, falling into the red-lit recess. The whole thing gives the impression of a mechanism of a hot steam engine.

The exterior styling of the car complements the interior styling beautifully. The bodywork took on a lead, satin gloss, and the standard rims were replaced with copper rims specially made for this project, with spokes resembling the wheels of a steam locomotive.

View more unique Auto designs at the Carlex Design Website.

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