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MINI Trunk Organizer

When I first saw these Trunk Organizers, I said: “NO WAY am I using one of those!”

Previous to my MINI, I had a Nissan Murano, which had more than enough space to put anything into it. Since space is at a premium, within a MINI, I’ve found I have to find a way to consolidate things.

My husband had one of these Trunk Organizers in his MINI, and after I went Grocery shopping with it, I saw how easy it was to corral and contain everything. So I broke down and actually bought one.

I couldn’t find one in Purple, but this one did have the Blue Trim, which sort of matches my MINI.

This Trunk Organizer has three separate sections, plus a separate, removable insulated Cooler Bag. One of the sections is large enough to hold 15 34-ounce water bottles! When not in use, it just folds into itself, for easy storage.

This size Trunk Organizer fits in both the F60 and R60 MINI Countryman.

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