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Ventilated Car Seat Covers for MINIs

Ventilated Car Seat Cover for MINI Countryman F60

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I was looking to buy a new car with ventilated seats and ended up getting a 2018 MINI Countryman that didn’t have them. That started my search for aftermarket ventilated seats. I tried three lower priced ventilated seats on Amazon, and they were all terrible. This seat is at the top of the price range, and I wondered how it would work. It is a very well made seat, with 10 fans, and while it does work as stated, it doesn’t push as much air as I would like it too. The fans are located near your tailbone/lower back, and the air flow doesn’t travel higher than that (probably because your body blocks the seat.)

This Ventilated Car Seat Cover works as good as (if not better) than 99% of the factory ventilated Car Seats that are currently in new SUV’s (2021-2022 models.) I know this because I test drove all of them. The best ventilated seats I found were in the Mazda CX-5, that costs over $40K brand new. That makes this sub $100 ventilated seat a good deal.

I live in FL and have used this seat in 100+ degree heat, and with my Ceramic tinted windows, I never got hot during a full day drive. You do notice the coolness more at night, but it does work well enough to keep you cool during the day.

This Ventilated Car Seat does add some height to your seat, which means you don’t quite get the sport seat “feel” anymore, but I can deal with that, during the Summer months, as long as it keeps me cool.

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